2009 World Newspaper Congress Hyderabad

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While the world’s press leader discussed the future of journalism at their annual summit in India, 17 WKU students and instructors demonstrated it – and the professionals were wowed. The Western Integrated Media team traveled halfway around the world to cover the 2009 World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum with podcasts, vidcasts, audio-enhanced photo slideshows, interactive video, geotagged images, full-length magazine articles, a highly interactive website and a host of other media.

“The team from WKU played a substantial and central role to our communications efforts, providing the bulk of multimedia content for a variety of conference blogs and websites and bringing information from the events to the industry at large,” said Larry Kilman, WAN-IFRA Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “The students and their professors were competent, professional, enthusiastic and self-motivated – it showed in the quality of their work.”

By the numbers

• 17 people – 14 students and 3 instructors, plus 5 more students working stateside
o Video, audio, photo, writing, editing, social networking and multimedia specialists
o The iTeam

• 160 pounds – of laptops, video and still cameras, microphones, audio recorders, hard drives, etc.

• 20+ hours flying – 30+ hours in transit to Hyderabad, India

• 9,094 miles – 14,634 kilometers, 11½ time zones, half a world away

• 4-day conference – 2009 World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum
o 24 sessions, 3 roundtables, 1 workshop, 109 speakers including the President of India
o 42 technology/service exhibits
o 3 cultural social events

• 20-hour days – fortunately, unlimited Internet at Kasani GR Hotel in Hi-Tech City

• 3 URLs – the official conference multiblog plus expanded posts on two specialized sites
o www.wan-ifra.org/blogs/wanindia2009 o www.editorsweblog.org
o www.sfnblog.com

• 163 posts – 22,000 words
o 1 post every 12 minutes on average

• 4,000 photos – 85 gigabytes of JPEGs
o High-res images linked from the multiblog downloaded by press for publication worldwide

• 16 podcasts – 10 hours total recorded audio

• 11 vidcasts – 20 hours or 300 gigabytes total recorded video
o 10 minutes of background video uploaded to Sky News Australia

• 10 full-length articles – being published in WAN-IFRA Magazine and other publications

• 4,893 unique visitors – in the first four days, and still climbing

• 185 Twitter followers – 204 tweets, more than a dozen retweets, and over 500 hashtag references

• 372 Facebook fans – in 16 countries
o 52 posts
o 9.7 Post Quality rating
o 7 photo albums

• 4 times the usual media interactions – according to WAN-IFRA’s communication director

• 147 red LEDs – on each of our scrolling name badges, which also helped make us the stars of the event

For more information in the iTeam for this project, see the staff page at http://www.ifra.net/tags-for-blog-posts-and-wiki-pages/iTeam

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