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“Young, American and Abroad”

Western iMedia was hired to provide multiplatform editorial coverage of research and service activities associated with some the Kentucky Institute for International Studies’ overseas programs in the summer of 2010.

Following months of extensive planning and training along with a large amount of pre-production work, three teams totaling 10 specially trained and outfitted fusion journalists were dispatched for about a week each to KIIS sites in:

  • Mexico – producing “Two Worlds of Nursing,” with magazine articles, photos and video of nursing students learning traditional and non-traditional forms of medical treatment alongside Mexican nurses, midwives and herbalists, and becoming more culturally aware to better serve the growing U.S. Hispanic population. The articles were published in a Kentucky nursing magazine. See the summary video in the sidebar.
  • Istanbul – producing “Young, American and Abroad,” with articles and a video about how students are studying overseas safely and securely even at a time of international unrest, and learning to counter the ugly American. KIIS uses this story on its website as part of its indoctrination information for students and their parents (see See the summary video above.
  • Tanzania – producing “Confronting Culture,” a multimedia package following U.S. college students who have chosen to spend their summer vacations immersed in the culture of sub-Saharan Africa, a place of great variety and beauty but also a place devoid of most the creature comforts with which they have grown up and now take for granted. On top of that is the fact that nearly five percent of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS, making it also a somewhat scary and very misunderstood culture. See the summary video in the sidebar.

Not only are these projects informing a much wider audience of the newsworthy activities involved with KIIS programs, the media generated are also available to course instructors for their own documentation and academic needs, to KIIS and WKU for promotional purposes, and to the Western iMedia journalists for their professional portfolios.

iMedia staff credits appear at the ends of the posted video segments.

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