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When Western iMedia staff head overseas, it is much more a short intense business trip than a typical study abroad sojourn.

Such was the case when nine specially trained fusion journalists in the School of Journalism & Broadcasting’s exclusive Collaborative capstone arrived in Paris in late May to produce global coverage of the 2012 NEWS! World Summit.

Western iMedia staff at work in the Paris Hôtel de Ville in Paris or city hall

Western iMedia staff at work in the Paris Hôtel de Ville in Paris or city hall

They knew they had to hit the ground running as soon as they landed — time zones, jet lag and cultural acclimation not withstanding. They also knew would have to work three 22-hour days in a row, find a way around inevitable technical complications and weather disruptions without pause, and present the unflappable demeanor of media professionals throughout. Sightseeing and local cuisine would be squeezed in where possible during their total five days on site. But no matter what, they had to get the story.

And they did.

Over the course of the international meeting May 30-June 1 of top news media editors, technologist and executives, WKU’s iMedia team wrote, blogged, tweeted, posted, Facebooked, photographed, video produced, aggregated, curated and otherwise provided comprehensive coverage of the Global Editors Network’s annual gathering. Six more iMedia fusion journalists in the States edited, contextualized and tweaked code in the background. In all they generated 2,200  interlinked pieces of content across seven media platforms.

Their work has so far reached a worldwide audience topping 242,000 in 171 countries. That compares to the roughly 330 participants from 40 countries who were on site for the three-day event in the fabulously ornate hall at the Paris Hôtel de Ville (city hall) on the right bank of the Seine.

The innovative media-rich story environment they created at (site disabled January 2013 by GEN due to server reconstruction) is specially designed to adapt for tablet and mobile phone users, who comprise more than 65 percent of the digital audience. It included near 60 video features, which can also be viewed on the Western iMedia/GEN video channel at Vimeo.

The trip was funded with a commission from GEN and additional support from the SJ&B and WKU Honors College.

The Western iMedia team for this project consisted of:

  • Anna Anderson — Presentation Lead (J3), Storybuilder
  • Stacie Hewitt — Special Technologies (J4), Media Producer
  • Nate Hovee — Media Producer
  • Jacob Kasinger — Senior Media Producer
  • Brianne Kelley — Audience Lead (J1), Social Journalist
  • Lindsay Kriz — Storybuilder
  • Brie Logsdon — Newsflow Coordinator, Storybuilder
  • Ben Severance — Content/Video Lead (J2), Media Producer
  • Anna Williams — Social Journalist
  • Kerry J. Northrup — Director
  • Dr. Marjorie Yambor — Production Director

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