Day 4 congress
Day 4 congress

Meet the iMedia staff

Western iMedia is an entrepreneurial editorial startup operated from within Western Kentucky University‘s School of Journalism & Broadcasting under the umbrella of the school’s iMedia capstone course — SJB 495, Collaborative Journalism.

Each year, Western iMedia recruits a small, elite team of senior scholars from across all of the school’s areas of expertise to take on news projects with a decidedly multiplatform, technologically innovative approach. We attract the best people available in writing, design, web, layout, photo, video, social media, audience generation, data visualization, mobile app creation, interactive gaming and a host of other content formats both traditional and non-traditional. We seek people willing to not only bring their own skills to the party but to also work in collaboration with fellow specialists, to not just tell stories but to create the environments in which people engage those stories across multiple media and devices. It is not just about you doing your thing but you integrating with everyone else’s things to the best success of the story.

iMedia staff members have gone on to work for media organizations around the world.

Leah Brown
Senior News Experience Designer / Senior Storybuilder
Amanda Johnson
Senior Multiplatform Media Producer
Nolan Miles
Senior News Experience Designer / Senior Engagement Producer
Kayla Boyd
Senior Storybuilder / Editorial Technologist
Ashley Knight
Senior Storybuilder / Editorial Technologist
Lauren Boone
Multiplatform Media Producer
Murphy Burke
Engagement Producer / Social Storyteller
Nicole Coomer
Executive Editorial Technologist / Social Storyteller
Catherine Havel
Executive Engagement Manager / Social Storyteller
Kerry Northrup
Chief Editorial Officer / Chief News Experience Designer
Alex Mallory
Multiplatform Media Producer
Whitney Marlin
Storybuilder / Editorial Technologist
Patric Peters
Media Designer / Editorial Technologist
Duncan Pope
Multiplatform Media Producer / Editorial Technologist
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