The Move Toward Her Dreams

By Shantel-Ann Pettway Tears of defeat were flowing through Lauren Cunningham’s fingers as she explained to her mother figure, Lynne Holland, how she’d lost sight of her vision when she lost her dream job in 2009….

The Lesson Pop-Tarts Taught Me

By Shantel-Ann Pettway With my 10-year-old hands attached to the side of the grocery cart that my god-mother pushed, I suppressed the urge I had to pick up items that weren’t on the grocery list….

Deep Cuts

By Jacob Dick It was an average looking CD case, like any other my dad left behind. I had pulled it from the shelf by chance as I was searching for something to listen to. I…

The Red Scare

By Lindsay Whittington I’m in Sarah’s living room with a group of people I know–all good friends, I might add–but all I can think about is the chili. It is at the center of my…

Epiphanies of a 9-year-old

By Austin Rutland I watched my 10-year-old brother as he stared at the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that sat on a cracked beige plate. You’re going to hurt Momma’s feelings, I thought. Just eat it….